Search a large, constantly updated database of prices for used audio equipment, including amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, speakers, CD players, DACs and cables.

  • Simply enter one or more words, e.g.: bryston sst. Queries are case-insensitive and you can enter just beginning of a word.
  • You can use regular expressions in search queries. For instance audio research d\d will return all models from Audio Research D series.
  • Search faster with Audio Blue Book extension


You can subscribe to receive email alerts when Kruipen finds a particular piece of equipment for sale on the second-hand market. Simply send an email to with the word alert followed by the name of the item in the subject line.

  • You can omit numeric part of model number to create an alert for a family of models. For example alert for Threshold S will match both Threshold S500 and S200.
  • Don't worry about different ways to spell model numbers. For example SA/3, SA3 and SA 3 are all considered the same by Kruipen.